Wix vs Weebly SEO

If you are debating which website host to use, one of the most important things you will need to take into consideration is SEO. SEO is a pivotal part of creating a successful website. You will want your site to be as SEO friendly as possible.

To an extent, the website host you choose will impact how well your site will perform. This is due to their own success and the SEO tools that they have available. 

The last thing you will want to happen is to pay for a host, only to find out that their SEO analytics are not what you thought they would be.

To help you with your decision, we have compared the SEO for both Wix and Weebly to find out which sites tend to perform better of the two, and which host provides the more successful SEO tools. 


When looking at Wix in comparison to Weebly, it does tend to be the more popular option. This is because it is not only easy to use, especially for beginners, but it provides users with good SEO tools too.

While Wix does have built-in SEO analytic options, it also provides you with the option of upgrading your plan to include the paid for SEO tools. You can also purchase these tools while using a free plan.

There are many SEO plugins you can choose from with Wix, but the most popular option tends to be Site Booster. This allows you to manage your SEO and check things such as keywords and how you can make your content more SEO friendly. 

In addition to this, Wix does give users access to Google Analytics, which is a useful tool in helping to improve a site’s overall SEO. Their SEO tools are easy to understand and use, which is important for new users. 

Wix have recently released their SEO Wizard which integrates their SEO with Google Analytics, which is a great feature. This SEO Wizard has proven results when it comes to where a Wix Website will place in Google, which is currently a unique feature for Wix.

This certainly does give them the advantage overall over other hosting sites, including Weebly. 

While Wix does explain their SEO tools well, and they are accessible, they do have their limitations when compared to other host sites such as WordPress.

This is because they do not allow you to look at SEO in its finer details. However, on the whole it is a good option and will allow you to improve your SEO.


Weebly tends to divide opinions, especially when it comes to a more professional setting.

In general, Weebly is regarded as a great site if you are looking to set up a small personal blog, but if you are looking to create a larger business site, it does not tend to be recommended. 

While there certainly are limitations when it comes to SEO with Weebly, it is possible for sites to perform well. Weebly, like Wix, does have built-in SEO options that are fairly easy to follow and use.

The analytics are useful and help to improve the sites SEO, but they are not the most detailed available. 

While they may help to improve the SEO slightly, as with Wix, you will want to download a plugin that will track the SEO in more detail instead. These additional SEO tools will be beneficial if you want to increase traffic and placement on Google. 

What is great about Weebly is that if you have Weebly Unlimited SEO, this will explain all the SEO tools and options in more detail. If you are new to website building, this can be particularly useful.

While other sites may have better SEO analytics, if they are too complicated for beginners to use, a simpler SEO tool would be the better option to begin with. 

Similarly to Wix, if you use Weebly as a host, you can also gain access to Google Analytics. These tools are particularly useful in helping to improve the overall SEO for websites. 

Which Is Better For SEO?

When looking at the both Wix and Weebly, there is little difference between the both in terms of SEO. On the whole, Wix from our research, we have come to the conclusion that Wix is the slightly better option overall. 

Wix tends to better as it integrates Google Analytics into its sites, and it has the option to purchase and include better SEO plugins in comparison to Weebly.

It is Wix’s SEO Wizard that gives it the edge over other hosting providers. It is easy to use and does help to improve a site’s SEO.

It is worth noting that both Wix and Weebly do have their limitations when it comes to analyzing SEO. While they both have their own built-in options and plugins, these do not tend to be as detailed in comparison to other sites such as WordPress.

While some users may see this as a negative aspect, this is not always the case. For beginners and those new to SEO the simpler SEO tools of Wix and Weebly can actually be a great thing. It helps users to gain a better understanding of SEO without being overwhelming. 

While Wix may have the slight advantage when it comes to SEO and site performance, you cannot solely rely on a hosting website. A lot of the SEO will come from the content on your website and what you are doing to improve the SEO too. 

You can have the best SEO tools in the world, but if you are not building on the suggestions and including aspects such as link building, keywords and content that is related to the subject, your SEO will be limited. 

Using a reliable and well known hosting provider will certainly help towards SEO, but you will need to be able to understand SEO and what you can do to improve it, if you want your website to perform better in Google. 

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