Wix vs WordPress SEO

When it comes to creating your own website, choosing the best host is important. While everyone will have their own preferences, it is important to choose a host you are comfortable with and whose settings are easy to comprehend and use. 

Any website owner or builder knows how important SEO is when it comes to drawing traffic to your site. While the majority of hosts will allow you to track your SEO in some form, some are better than others.

In this article, we will be taking a closer look at two website hosts in particular Wix and WordPress to find out which is better overall for SEO. 


Wix is a fantastic site to choose if you are looking to build a website from scratch. They have fantastic technical support, and it is fairly easy to use overall. It does tend to be the cheaper option when compared to WordPress, and it is a great option for beginners.

When it comes to SEO the options for Wix are good. There are a number of different SEP plugins and apps to choose from, and these SEO tools tend to be free if you are already paying for their more expensive website plans.

However, if you are using a free Wix plan you will need to purchase the SEO tools.

Site Booster is a popular option for Wix and a tool that the majority of users will tend to use. It is easy to operate and explains clearly what you can do to your site in order to make it more SEO friendly, thus increasing the chances of your site performing well.

Site Booster will focus on aspects such as link building and keywords to enable your sites content to be more SEO friendly.  

One of Wix’s biggest benefits is that the SEO is built into the site, meaning that you do not have to worry about checking the SEO through different sites. It is easy to use and access, even for beginners.

It also allows you to integrate Google Analytics, which is something that many website owners and business owners prefer to use to track traffic and SEO.  

The only downside to Wix is that it does not allow you to be very specific if you want to look into SEO on a deeper level. It only really focuses on the more basic aspects of SEO, which may not be the best for those more focused on SEO in comparison to content building. 

Overall, while there are mixed opinions about Wix websites and its SEO efficiency, it is good overall. Thousands of websites that have been built using Wix perform well and receive a lot of traffic.


When compared to Wix, WordPress can arguably be seen as more difficult to use to build a site. This is because it does allow you to have complete creative control over your site. 

While Wix is a website builder, WordPress is a content management system (CMS). Given this, it can often be a little trickier to get your head around if you are new to creating websites. 

If you have experience with SEO already and are able to use code, WordPress is by far the better option for you. When compared to Wix, it does offer more in the way of customization and tools. However, this typically does come at an additional cost. 

While Wix has good SEO optimization, and it will allow websites to feature highly on search engines, WordPress typically does enable you to take your SEO to the next level as you can look into this in far more detail.

It is worth noting that while WordPress does have more SEO tracking options, ultimately if you do not take advantage of the suggestions given, your SEO will not improve. 

While WordPress does have analytics features, as with Wix, to get the best out of the site, downloading an SEO plug in is the best option. Again, there are a good number of SEO plugins available for WordPress, one of the most popular being Yoast SEO. 

Yoast SEO has both free and paid for options, and it goes into much detail regarding SEO, focusing on things such as internal links, redirects, and metadata. All of these will help to increase SEO and site traffic over time. 

In addition to the plugins, you can also use Google Analytics with WordPress too. WordPress is fantastic for SEO, and it is easy to keep track of how well your site is performing.

However, when looking at advanced SEO, for beginners, this can take a little while to explore and understand, though it is worth it. 

Which Is Better For SEO?

On the whole, while both sites are great for SEO and have many websites that perform well in search engines, WordPress does have the slight edge over Wix. 

Organic traffic is important when looking at SEO and typically WordPress does tend to drive in organic traffic at a much higher rate in comparison to Wix. However, this does depend on the site itself and how SEO friendly it is. 

WordPress sites do tend to generate better traffic, and the SEO tools will look at each website in finder detail. While the Wix SEO analytics are thorough, they do not delve into the website as much as WordPress. Being a CMS does give WordPress an advantage on the whole.

You should always remember that there are many factors that will affect SEO. You can have the best SEO suggestions and analytics available, but if you are not optimizing these and making the suggested changes, your site is unlikely to perform well. 

Given this, it is important to fully understand the SEO results that your website has and the things that you can do in order to improve your analytics and ratings on search engines.

While the WordPress SEO tools are more detailed, this does not mean that your site will necessarily perform better if you use WordPress instead of Wix. 

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