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Whatever your website is about, the idea is to get the message out and put your website or brand out there, clearly and effectively. But, if you were to choose the wrong Wix template (or any other template for that matter) the results could be disastrous.

Your brand could be unclear, your logo could be squashed unseen in the corner, your site could be difficult for users to navigate, there could be no social media integration and so on.

Worst case scenario, if it’s an online store, the website could put potential customers off, and instead of converting visitors into paying customers, customers will start looking for their products or services elsewhere.

But – there’s no need to worry. The best solution is to choose a good quality Wix template, that emphasizes rather than hides your branding, is good to look out, and is easy for visitors to navigate through and use.

The good news for you is that we’ve been quietly checking them out, and after much deliberation we are able to hand-pick our top 5 favorites, and our reviews on them are coming up very shortly.

After that, we’ve also got a handy selection guide for you that walks you through some key things to think about when choosing your Wix template.

Let’s get moving!

T-Shirt Store

Don’t be fooled by the name of the template – this is a great template for creating any online store that has physical products to sell. For several reasons.

First off we just love the moving slider at the top of the site. It’s a great way of really capturing the viewer’s eye, and is an excellent opportunity to showcase your best selling products as soon as the visitor lands on your homepage.

And as for the branding, your organization’s name can be emblazoned right across this sidebar. But you will have to be careful with the colors used for the slider photos and the business name, so that the business name really stands out.

Just below the slider bar, you can start showcasing more products, and this time, make them immediately clickable so your customers can start buying your products straight away.

The site is very easy to navigate, thanks to the drop down menu spread across the very top of the site. Here you can link of course to different categories of products, or link to pages telling your business story or pages that convey your contact details.

When a customer clicks on a product they are interested in they can choose color options and quantity, and read a description of the product’s features before they buy. 

Better yet, there are social media integration icons here too, so users can promote or talk about your products on their social media. There’s even a handy “Chat with us” block at the bottom so interested customers can shoot you a message or question.


  • Has an eye-catching slider
  • Business name is front & center
  • Great for conversion rates
  • Great for selling physical products


  • No search bar
  • Business name overlays the slider

Food Blog

If you’re not trying to sell anything, and you just want to blog about food, or your life or your hobbies, then this is a great template to consider.

Let’s start with the aesthetic. First off, there’s a huge section on the top center of the template for a large image. Larger images are great for branding.

And as for the organization name, that’s presented in a bold and clear block of black on white print. It’s well positioned at the top center overlaying the uppermost part of the large central image and the menu bar.

To the upper left of the organization name block is a small drop down menu for easy visitor navigation, but better yet, to the upper right of the organization name block there are a series of icons which serve as links to all of your social media pages and feeds…

This is great for visitors who like to use the social networks and their communities, and gives you additional platforms for your marketing.

This template, as the name suggests, is designed for blog posts. But these blog posts are designed to have real visual appeal, thanks to the large image for each blog post.

There’s also room for a caption for each blog post next to the accompanying image that you can use as clickbait, to get visitors clicking through to read more.

The most recent blog posts appear in a simple linear fashion as you scroll down.

If the visitor wants to continue to browse, they can click on “All posts” to be met with 2 columns featuring all your blog posts so far, with a selection of categories to choose from at the top, if the visitor was looking for something more specific.

So it’s very easy to navigate.

We also love the section at the bottom of the template that allows the reader to subscribe to your blog posts by email, and repeats the social icon links to your various social media pages and feeds.

There’s also a space for an About Me photo and link to the About Me page, and you can add a photo of a product you’re releasing in relation to the blog.


  • Great for branding
  • Great visual impact
  • Links to social media
  • Perfect for blogging
  • Option to subscribe


  • No search bar

Personal Resume

If you’re an author or a freelancer, then you will need your very own website. One that looks clear, professional, and effective. In which case you need a Wix template like this one. 

It will feature your name and profession in the top left hand corner, and also under a photograph introducing you to your potential employer or clients.

What makes this such a good wix template for a professional resume is how it’s really stripped back and uncluttered. There’s no unnecessary imagery, and instead the viewer concentrates on who you are and what you are about.

To the right of your photo, there’s space to write a few words about yourself, and some labelled buttons that visitors can click on to access your complete resume and/or a breakdown or portfolio of your work.

In the upper right hand corner of the template, there’s also space for a drop-down menu where you can add more links. Again, here you might like to include links to your resume, a breakdown or portfolio of your work, along with a link to your contact details.

In the box for your photo, you can also include your social media icons, which will take the visitor directly to your social media pages and feeds. This demonstrates to potential employers and clients that you do in fact have a following.

You can also include your preferred contact details on a bar across the bottom of the homepage. When a visitor clicks on the link to your resume, they also have the option to download it.

And when they click on your portfolio, you can display both content and images for each of your projects. This template is very minimalistic, which is exactly what you want to make a striking professional image.


  • Smart, minimalistic & professional
  • Uses social media integration
  • Stripped back & clean cut
  • Very easy to navigate


  • Bare bones, nothing fancy


If you’re somewhat of an expert in your chosen field, you might decide that you’d like to use your wix website as a somewhere where interested clients can sign up to your webinar. In which case, this is an excellent wix template for you.

Visitors to the site are greeted by a large image of your choosing, overlaid with your name, profession, and logo. And more importantly, big bold prominent wording with the title of your webinar.

In the upper right hand corner are social media icons for visitors to access your social media pages and feeds, which they may be interested in looking at. 

Below all of this you can include a nice photo of yourself and a paragraph or two explaining who you are and your credentials.

And underneath you can state exactly what the visitor has to gain by joining your webinar. At several points throughout the template, visitors can click a button to reserve their spot for your webinar.

You can display large, easy to read customer testimonials in a slider a little further down the page, before wrapping up with a short form that holds both your contact details, and somewhere for visitors to sign up to your email newsletter.

It’s a perfect template for those who do online tutoring or online coaching.


  • Very simple & stripped back
  • Several links to reserve a spot
  • Excellent testimonial slider
  • Social media integration
  • Membership sign-up


  • Doesn’t include technology to actually run a webinar

Literature Blog

Although the example presented here is for a literature blog, this template would also work well as a film buff’s blog. Although this features a large image, there’s a very large white block front and center where you can display the name of your blog along with a short caption.

Great for branding.

Across the top of the said large image is a white bar, and you can place your logo in one corner and a drop down menu in the other, along with some social media icons visitors can click on to reach your social media pages and feeds.

Below this you can display 2 columns of blog posts, each with space for an image and a brief caption, where visitors can click to read the full blog post.

We also like how visitors can click on a heart to show that they like a particular blog post. That way visitors can see at a glance what the most popular blog posts are.

There’s also a large box at the bottom of the page where visitors can add their email address to subscribe to your blog and get all the latest posts.


  • Excellent for branding
  • Social media integration
  • Generate likes (hearts)
  • Visitors can subscribe


  • Not particularly imaginative or dynamic

Wix Template Selection Guide

As promised, here’s your guide to choosing a great Wix template for your website! Here’s what to look out for.

The Branding Aspect

As we said in our introduction, the idea is to get the message out and put your brand out there, clearly and effectively…

And in terms of what that means for your wix template, you should be able to use it to make your logo and your website’s (or business’) name really stand out. This should be prominently displayed, and not squished awkwardly in a corner.

And any bands of color displayed in the template should tally up with your brand’s color scheme, such as the menu.

The Aesthetic

When you start looking at Wix templates, you will find that you will like the look of some above the look of others. And that’s to be expected. 

Everyone has different tastes, but if you’re not happy with the appearance of the website from the get-go, it will be a hassle to change it over further down the line.

You also need to consider how image-heavy you want it to be. Do you want to attract visitors with beautiful photographs? Or is it more important to you to provide your website visitors with written content?

Either way, it’s strongly recommended that you have at least some pictures on there.

Easy Navigation

You want your website visitors to be able to find what they are looking for as quickly and easily as possible. This means that you have a menu in place, preferably visible as soon as you reach the site, and ideally a search bar too.

Social Media Integration

These days much of what goes on in life, goes on in social media. Even small businesses have both a website and a social media presence.

If you want to market your website, being able to have your content shared on social media is a great way of attracting more attention.

Conversion Optimization (For Online Stores)

If you’re using Wix to create an online store, then you also have to consider which templates are best for converting website visitors into paying customers.

If this is what you’re looking for in a Wix template, you may be interested in our number one pick, T-Shirt Store. 

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